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I ain't even sure any more
I love you, you know that?
Hannah | 14 | North-East of England 
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  • julykapo:

    Hair / Top / Shorts / Bangles / Socks / Rollerskates

    Model: Riley - Thanks to all the CC creators!

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  • leichenkatze:


    I’m having some issues with The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection… Can anyone help me?  

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    The crash isn’t a good sign. Is it an fresh installation or did you get some cc in? I would say that you should re-install.

    It’s a fresh installation  - like I said, I’m new to TS2, so I wanted to try it out first. c: And, thank you… I might just try to reinstall, then. (Which is frustrating, considering how long it took to install in the first place. O.O)

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  • I’m having some issues with The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection… Can anyone help me?  

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  • blissfully24:


    Okay, here’s my first entry for Pools & Toddlers Month:

    Mini-Tutorial: Building a Toddler-Pool

    1. Define the space of your pool with floor tiles

    2. Fill the cutout with the Nile terrain paint

    3. Add some railing, but make sure you use one that Sims can route through.

    4. Add waterworks from the fountains category. They’re also walk-through, so don’t worry about the footprint (and you can be far more creative than I was here :)

    5. Open ‘buydebug’ (or purchase a toychest) and place some water-related toys in the pool.

    6. Enjoy!

    Omg, I am so making this!!!

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  • alexs3cc:



    BEO Creations

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  • julykapo:

    Newsea Perry [Sunpi’s Edit] (Teen to Elder)

    Download: Mediafire / Dropbox

    • Mesh: Newsea
    • Edit: Sunpi
    • Texture: Pastry-box
    • Control: Me, AS action by Awt
    • Model: Riley
    • Please don’t reupload or state it your own

    Thanks to all the CC creators!

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